Rich Briggs
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In 2007, we built another wood burning kiln from plans found in the book Japanese Wood-Fired Ceramics (Mark Lancet and Kusakabe Masakazu). The Sasukenei (translated as "no worries") kiln has a relatively small ware chamber of 36 cubic feet and is designed to get a variety of ash buildup depending on location; items in front of the bagwall receiving more ash while those behind the bagwall have a more subtle effect. Once again, with student help, the kiln was built in one month, working around class schedules. We typically fire this kiln for 36 hours, using approximately two cords of wood. Students are very involved in the process of preparing, splitting, and stacking the wood as well as taking three hour shifts throughout the firing process. A 27 minute DVD showing kiln construction is available. Send an e-mail request to

Bourry fire box (on right), with chimney base (left)

Arch form in place for ware chamber

Completed ware chamber

Angle iron frame welded in place

Completed kiln with caping coat and metal chimney pipe

Students preparing wood

Ware chamber stacked (Note bagwall division)

"SpongeBob" air intake

Successful firing-fall 2009

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