Rich Briggs
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Koi Pond

When we built our home, we planned a "pond room." Having the pond indoors protects the fish from predators and the harsh Idaho winters, making it possible to enjoy year round. Steve Walker and the crew at Sacramento Koi ( are very helpful with pond designs and tips. My desire was to create a suitable environment for koi. The pond is approximately 2500 gallons. It is five feet deep, has a bottom drain, skimmer, autofill, lights, jets, biological filter, waterfall, and dehumidifier. The construction method is concrete, with shotcrete used to create an artificial rock background. 

Digging out dirt (with Carter Briggs)

Styrofoam, wood, wire fencing, and chicken wire. Support for concrete artificial rock (with Marshall Briggs).

Styrofoam, wood, and wire support

Shotcrete, rough first layer

Spec-mix, final coat, texture pad design

Angle iron basket for plants

Applying Sani-Tred sealing system. The concrete is first prepared by acid etching (Muriatic Acid), then a pressure wash rinse, and finishing with a baking soda neutralizing wash and rinse. Sani-Tred is a three coat process which is designed to smooth rough surfaces. 

The painted surface is diluted paint splashed on with a brush. Seven different colors were used to achieve a natural look. 

Adding black for contrast and detail

Pump and filter set-up will be protected from the elements

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