Rich Briggs
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Growing up in northern California, I spent my time fishing in the San Francisco bay and diving along the rocky Mendocino coast. A favorite activity was abalone diving. Red abalone are in the mollusk family and the north coast has a favorable habitat where they reside. The resource is monitored closely by California Fish and Game, and sport diving is still a viable activity. My dive partner Rick Lopez won the abalone cook off in Fort Bragg several times, and here is one of our favorite recipes. If it will be a while before you get abalone, the recipe works great with chicken too.

Rick Lopez (L) and Rich Briggs (R)-1974

Rick Lopez (L) and Rich Briggs (R)-1982

Abalone limit with iron and gauge

Mendocino Headlands

At one point, I combined my interests of the underwater environment with pottery and made what I referred to as 'barnacle pots.' The culmination of the project was taking the pots made in Idaho, and photographing them underwater at various points along the California coast. 

Mendocino Headlands-2004

Rick Lopez at Gerstle Cove, Salt Point State Park

Amphora with abalone, Mendocino Headlands

Vase with starfish, Sea Ranch

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